Bubble Frenzy Remix

Bubble Frenzy Remix 2.3

Clear the bubble field as fast as you can

Bubble Frenzy Remix is a fun puzzle game designed to test your intellect rather than your reflexes. Your goal is to clear the bubble-filled play area by launching other bubbles at them. If you connect three or more bubbles of the same color, they will drop out of the play screen. If that leaves any bubbles not connected to the top of the playfield, they will also fall.

Don't take too long, though. Each level may have its own "crunch rate", after which the bubbles will be shifted downward. If any bubbles reach you, the game is over, so be sure to be on your guard.

Features include:

  • Four exciting game modes
  • Simple controls
  • Save and load features
  • Techno music soundtrack
  • World high score list
  • Level editor
  • Colorful 3D rendered graphics

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Bubble Frenzy Remix


Bubble Frenzy Remix 2.3